Pork Rind Recipes That WOW!

It's in our name, and you love it too. These are some of our favorite southern-style recipes using our favorite pork rinds!
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Zucchini Tots by raylynntexas, via Flickr - substitute bread crumbs with ground pork rinds #Zucchini #PorkRinds

They're called zucchini bites. They are the healthy version of tater tots. The recipe for these couldn't be any easier.They're called zucchini bites. They are the healthy version of tater tots. The recipe for these couldn't be any easier.

Fried pickles low carb. Just sub flour with crushed pork rinds #PorkRinds #SnackFood

Beer Battered Fried Pickles--Dill Pickle Chips drained, to 1 cup of beer, 2 eggs, 1 cups of flour, mix and dip pickles and fry until golden brown. Dip in Ranch dressing.

Paula Deen's Pimento Cheese

Paula Deen's Pimento Cheese

Dear Paula, how I miss your fabulous face on the Food Network on Saturday mornings:( Please don't tell him, but Bobby Flay just doesn't cut it for me. In my opinion, and I'm sure you would agree,.

Maple Syrup Dumplings recipe - using the drippings from your homemade Pork Rinds ! Yummy! #PorkRinds #MapleSyrup

Maple Syrup Dumplings

These rich dumplings are an ideal vehicle for syrup. Vallier Robert uses butter in his grand-peres, but the Chouinards use the lard drippings from their oreilles de christ (fried pork rinds).

Crispy Fried Fish using pork rinds as crust #PorkRinds

Crispy Fried Fish using crushed pork rinds as crust. Pork rinds are an awesome low-carb alternative to flour for frying. I did this the other day with fresh cod (my uncle Jim caught it). My parents do (Baking Cod Seasoning)

Lao Green Papaya Salad recipe - with Pork Rinds to garnish! YUM! #Salad #PorkRinds

I love to eat Lao Green Papaya Salad, pretty much all year round. There is just something about the taste of the spicy, sweet, and sour combination of the dish to make your taste buds dance.

A unique take on breakfast with this salted caramel pork rind cereal!

Salted Caramel Pork Rind Cereal

Some of you out there might be shaking your head at the idea of pork rinds, cereal, and cinnamon going together – but take a leap of faith.

Chicharrones Guisados (Stewed Fried Pork Rinds)   Try this recipe with our Pork Rinds! #Chicharrones #PorkRinds

Chicharrones Guisados (Stewed Fried Pork Rinds)

Chorizo, Hatch Chile and Smoked Porter Chili | eHow Food #NationalChiliMonth

Chorizo, Hatch Chile and Smoked Porter Chili

Paula Deen loves Pork Rinds !

Home Made Pork Rinds

Balsamic #BBQ #Meatballs with Rudolph’s #PorkRinds thanks to @AndreaCooktales!

Balsamic BBQ Meatballs with Rudolph's Pork Rinds

These one of a kind meatballs are my final recipe that was featured on Local Memphis Live last week. A sweet and tangy balsamic BBQ sauce gives these meatballs a fun twist, but it's really the pork.

Get the recipe for these simple tacos, stuffed with fried pork rinds and salsa verde - yum!

Salsa Verde Chicharrón Tacos