Love the color!

Love it! This is the perfect copper red hair! (Leigh) COPPER is a better word to describe her hair than just RED, especially as she grows up.

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by Lisa of Lisa a la Mode Headwraps aren't new. I'm sure many of us have seen women dressed in traditional African attire, including elaborate and intricately

The Hybrid Beetle Crown by Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll)

The Hybrid Beetle Crown by Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll) I didn't know whether to put this in Art, Fashion, or Jewelry. What the--!

1920's headdress. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

Flapper Headdress - Gold Metallic Lace, Bead, Crystal and Feather headdress - Personal Wardrobe of Norma Talmadge - The Frock

Norma Shearer 1925

Silent screen era actress Norma Shearer from a movie studio photograph from She's wearing a headdress that features bead embroidery on top of appliqued lace.

Lily Elsie, Vintage Egyptian Costume

Lily Elsie, the Edwardian Theatre actress, in Lucile costume, 1907 "The Merry Widow" costume by Lucile Ltd, Lady Duff Gordon

#NAHA2015 Avant Garde Finalist: Chrystofer Benson

#NAHA2015 Avant Garde Finalist: Chrystofer Benson

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My handmade roses headpiece for photoshooting for exhibition “Muses”