Women stare at a Western model wearing a Dior dress in the Soviet Union, Photo: Howard Sochurek for LIFE magazine.

"Behold the amazing, illustrated Soviet Trade Dictionary, discovered by Retronaut."

Vintage Illustrations from a Midcentury Soviet Dictionary

Behold the amazing, illustrated Soviet Trade Dictionary, discovered by Retronaut. Honestly, those of us with chronic Soviet design nostalgia are used to seeing works like this on propaganda posters…

Soviet every day life, 80s

Soviet every day life, It looks like everyday Dublin life on the buses in the :-()

Soviet art Old poster Stalin Lenin Propaganda by SovietPoster, $9.99

USSR anti-alcohol posters, almost forgotten art. This is a nostalgic style in graphic art, called the Soviet realism. Posters from Soviet days were devoted to the victory over the Germans. Check out Anti-Alcohol Posters From USSR Days

Soviet era Soviet union ussr Propaganda Soviet by SovietPoster

Vice, get out! Braz Urgent for all centuries / Promiscuity is dangerous!

Propaganda Soviet poster Soviet era Soviet union by SovietPoster

Youngsters to the stadiums! the year 220 million people were awarded GTO badges, while in 1986 the tests were passed by million people.


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Soviet Union Foreign Tourists Poster

USSR, Tbilisi - a Soviet travel poster by V Klimashin designed for the State Travel Company Intourist. Great view of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, in Spring.