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Portrait of a Romanian beauty.

Florence Lee Gray Chestnut brown hair, pushed back with a vibrant blue headband. The colour of her headband was nothing compared to her sparkling blue eyes. Dusty freckles splashed across her face.

Put it down

Tess Mercer - Devastated after the death of her twin sister, her ability manifested itself so that she could create duplicates of herself. So far, she can only create one copy of herself--probably to fill the void that her dead sibling left.

This would seem a lot cuter to me if I wasn't over thinking the fact that they either fitted it the dress to her all too well where as if she's wearing her mothers wedding dress it should fit her very big, OR that her mom was/is so incredibly skinny that he WEDDING dress fits her two year old, which I just find disturbing. Anyways, I'm over thinking here.   I meant... 'aw, how cute'. -Dk

Baby in Moms Wedding Dress. I want to do this if I ever have a little girl. Hide the picture from her and give it on her wedding day:) better than forxing your child to wear your outdated dress;