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an old rug with many different colors and patterns
From my Andean Textile Collection
a multicolored striped scarf on a white background
Peruvian Frazada 21.11
Peruvian Frazada 21.11 – Intiearth
the fabric is colorfully striped and has small holes in it's center piece
Wabisabi Company|Nuria Blanco on Instagram: "Preciosa alfombra con una combinación de colores perfecta para el verano: rosa, fucsia, malva. Aprovecha el descuento de la web y hazte con ella a un super precio. 🚨🚨 REBAJAS de verano. 30% DE DESCUENTO en toda la web. 💥 No seas el último en entrar en la web, cuanto más tardes más cosas te pierdes. 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃 🚨🚨 #alfombraswabisabi #wabisabidream #wabisabi #wabisabicompany #themagicofhandmadethings #interiorismo #diseñodeinteriores #decoraci
a multicolored striped towel hanging on a clothes line with white wall in the background
Peruvian Blanket
a multicolored blanket folded on top of each other
the colorful blanket is folded up and ready to be used
Vintage frazada #087
Size: 162 x 160cm 100% handspun wool Dry clean only This one-of-a-kind hand crafted rug will enhance any room in your home. It can be used as a rug, throw, blanket or wall hanging and it also makes the perfect picnic blanket. This one is an intricate design in bold green and red tones with bright pink and orange contrast stripes. It has beautiful hand crocheted edging. Our frazadas are made from 100% naturally dyed sheep or llama wool. This wool has previously been spun on a drop spindle, before
a stack of colorful towels sitting on top of a table
VintageLoomImports - Etsy
three different colored blankets folded on top of each other
Shop Modern Aesthetic Home Decor | LEIF
a multicolored blanket laying on top of a table
Peruvian textile
a stack of multicolored towels sitting on top of a wooden stool next to a blue wall
el hummingbird - frazadas and cushions
el hummingbird-Peruvian frazadas, blankets, bags, kids booties & toys.