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many different anime characters are shown in the same style and color scheme, each with their own character's name
Screen z 1 odcinka 3 sezonu inazumy eleven. Fnaf, Orion, Eleventh, Tsunami, Kane, Harley, Wind
Inazuma eleven
Shawn Frost i Harley Kane/ Fubuki Shirou i Tsunami Jousuke #inazumaeleven
an anime character is sitting in the seat with his arm up and one hand on his head
Pokémon, Haha, Pokemon, Emoji, Trip
a blurry image of a person riding a bike on the beach in the sand
Shawn Frost/Fubuki Shirou
#Inazumaeleven przepraszam za tą okropna białą ramke ale zdjecie mialo za malo pikseli i nie mogłam go wstawic
#Inazumaeleven Diabolik Lovers, Aaa, Idk
Xavier Foster/Hiroto Kiyama
two people standing next to each other on a baseball field
Joseph King/Genda Koujirou
an anime character with pink hair holding a fork and knife
an anime character is talking to another person
an anime scene with two women and one man looking at something in the distance while another woman looks on
Marry Me, Quick Saves
an image of two anime characters with the caption i'm fine no you aren't you literally kin
All of them tbh