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Rode aarde - Red earth - #tzolkin - while following your path, you encounter all sorts of weather. It's ok to find shelter. Red Cracked-Earth Lichen | Marcel Rawady

1 Natural Form inspiration, chosen for its texture and natural pattern Red Cracked-Earth Lichen

vintage sony radio

Released in when Sony had become the first Japanese company to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Sliding the faces on this cubic radio reveals a speaker in front and controls on top, a unique design at the time. One version of its packagin

Cracked paint... easy to do... I have paint at home... texture YAZ   JUDITHPDESIGN // White colour Inspiration

Photo (Fashion Fever Tumblr)

Here in this picture I can really feel what the cracked wall feels like. The texture is all cracked and hard. Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object,roughness,smooth,soft etc.

The Grill Coffee Table 101x101

Grill Table by Zeren Saglamer Interesting mix of metal and wood for a display area or sitting area in a retail design concept

Braun design spirit: Dieter Rams. More or Less is More

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Dieter Rams. Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP 1). 1959

moma: “ The first transistor radio was released 61 years ago today. Here’s Dieter Rams’s 1959 design for Braun, on view now in Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye. Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP

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