I think I like skirts now I just wish I could figure out how to wear them more frequently.

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td-016 tango skirt

We offer the perfect clothing for tango dancers and not just for them! Tailor made clothes and high-quality materials are the hallmarks of our products.

HOW TO: Flatback rhinestones on heel

Tutorial outlining how to add Swarovski rhinestones also known as flatbacks of elements to high heel shoes.

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Here's a curious selection of short skirts that cane be used for Latin, Country to Skate.

Customized ICE Skating Baton Twirling Dress | eBay

Customized ice skating baton twirling dress

Ice Watch Ice Twirling Baton Ice Skating Dress Custom Made To Fit

Commence drooling.

The Viennese Waltz is not a sequence dance, but an International Standard Ballroom style waltz that should be danced to faster music