Окорокова Дарья

Окорокова Дарья

Окорокова Дарья
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NaLu: Hotel holiday part 19!

NaLu family Got many requests to draw something like this. I’m not very good at inventing their family, so it’s pretty typical. But I like such an option and I hope that it will be true.

Happy New Year

kazhmiran: “ NaruSasu Family: Happy New Year! Happy New Year from our big family! They spend time together waiting for the new member of the family. I think Menma have been a little too hasty to.

"Vicktor x Yuri" ~ (Vickturi) ~ "El Embarazo de Yuri " ~ (Doujinshi Yoi Mpreg) 2Season - YouTube

"Vicktor x Yuri" ~ (Vickturi) ~ "El Embarazo de Yuri " ~ (Doujinshi Yoi Mpreg)


Forced to marry a vampire( a nalu fanfiction) [COMPLETED] (currently editing) - Please read my new book!

This is so accurate for how their relationship would actually be, SasuSaku #naruto

Uhhh yeahh this is just a pointlessly short sasusaku doujinshi-thingy I guess XD EDIT - Many thanks for the hits as well Used the font 'Wild Words' for the text Pencil, sai and


It wouldn't REALLY be Pregchan without that Mpreg board. Post your male pregnancies here.

Superbat, Kawaii Chibi, Anime Characters, Yuri, Pregnancy, Father, Pai

Having A Baby, Gay

EMMA LOOK AT THIS ITS BEAUTIFUL<<<<aw yes, it is. Do I know you?

For the record I have no idea who these people are I just like the prompt thing please don't kill me