libellules sont ces délicates créatures, presque spirituelles - le site a des instructions pour plusieurs types d'insectes uniques, araignées, etc ..

dragonflies are such delicate, almost spiritual creatures--site has instructions for several types of unique bugs, spiders, etc.more whimsey for the garden obsession w/ dragonflies reinforced;

Мастер-класс по изготовлению трансформера кулона-броши

Бабочки и др.

Pandahall provides craft ideas for making handmade jewelries. You can get the amazing craft idea when you buy the materials

Necklace bead embroidered

Turquoise Casual Fishie Necklace bead embroidered by Kinga Nichols of crimsonfrog

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Doesn't have to be a heart or even leather, but this is a simple way to show how we're going to make the chair back broaches. Hand crafted jewelry- diy brooch out of leather and round studs

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