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L'effet de la queue est cool sur lui aussi, meme si je n'aimerais pas que ce soit tout seul sans couleur aquarellé derrière.

phoenix ink by quintocavaleiro Since my unit's mascot was a phoenix, I could combine this with the signal corps insignia somehow.

Loren86 - Dragon Rider

Tattoo design for a friend's shoulder. Turns out the dragon is a little butch for her liking though, understandably. Back to the sketch pad!

Heart dragon

This was a tattoo design for a friend. I had a little statue as reference for the dragon, the pose is completely different though and I only used refere. Dragon Likes Heart

(Open) Coal: I sit on my mountain, over looking the city below. Not many climb my mountain. Even though I gave no reason for it, many feared the ancient dragon. I bet the human dragon shifters did not have this fear.

Аниме картинка 544x800 с оригинальное изображение makai no juumin длинные волосы высокое изображение смотрит на зрителя светлые волосы фиолетовые глаза голые плечи чёлка стоя острые уши солнечный свет гора (горы) фэнтези девушка платье украшения для волос бант лепестки дракон

Anime picture with original makai no juumin long hair tall image looking at viewer blonde hair purple eyes bare shoulders fringe standing pointy ears sunlight mountain fantasy girl dress bow hair ornament petals dragon