Ekaterina Skvortsova

Ekaterina Skvortsova

Ekaterina Skvortsova
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RH baby&child's Cole Canvas Tent:This sturdy canvas covering is specially designed to drape over the A-shaped frame of our Cole Framed House Bed. Detailed with a paned window at one end of the bed and generously sized built-in storage pockets at the other

Face It Puzzle.

Face It Puzzle. A very cool possible lesson that incorporates drawing and another medium, such as wood, as seen here. This could even work with zentangle. ** could be a collaboration between art and high school wood shop class!

These mugs have legs and puppies inside these will be in the next update and will be having a few of them. Great day everybody☺️ (bij Dog N Mug)

Dutch Illustrator, ceramist and printmaker living with her boyfriend J and their big cat Bommel