More ideas from Dmitriy
nRF24L01 RC Transmitter

It is transmitter.

Electrically adjustable standing desk

I really wanted a geek desk, but they& like dollars. So I built my own for about 200 bucks (not including top). This is simply a regular desk that can rise.

Sintex -Workspace ergonomic rules

Sintex -Workspace ergonomic rules - So that you can only move with any freedom if you are sitting down? This looks sort of evil! I can't still figure out why leave that gap between two tables if it is clearly impossible for anyone to walk past it without

Here comes the open source Snow Plow Robot

Here comes the open source Snow Plow Robot (As it is here, it would probably be sand, actually would make more sense than the large manned gas powered plows, & with the amount of sun here, this may be more viable)