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owl knit cuuuuteeee

Owl Cable Knit Hat in Cream Pink

Pink Owl Cable Knit Hat by laceandcable on Etsy. Reasonable price for the pattern. Pin leads back to Etsy.

'Bright cherry'. Knit together online diary .: Group 'knit together OH | knitting | post

вязание спицами

Цветочный мотив на фоне чулочной вязки | каталог вязаных спицами узоров

Узоры /спицы/


Прошу помощи в поиске схемы - Вязание спицами - Страна Мам

Узоры, жаккарды спицами.

This is a beautiful cabled design, and if you can read a chart you'll get it the first try. (Try Design)


A great knitted lace pattern for beginner. Multiple of 12 sts, + Stitch repeat is highlighted in pale yellow.