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В начале 2013 года компания YAROSHENKO DESIGN объявляла конкурс дизайнеров на создание интерьера с электрокаминами. К участию допускались как оригинальные фотографии, так и компьютерные модели интерьера. Предлагаем лучшие из присланных работ.

Basement hidden room, a survival/panic room. Maybe have several hidden entrances to it around the house. Stock it with survival supplies like bottled water, non-perishable food, first aid kit.

A great, complex-appearing border that's built of easy half-square triangles using two different color pairs

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This would be better on a glass ceiling, especially if it were just transparent enough to let in some lite. Wall MURAL, Photo Wall Decal, Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper TREETOP

Quick Guide To Brewing Beer With Herbs

Brew Your Own Herbal Beers! Before hops were popular (we’re talking hundreds of years ago), a wide variety of herbs and spices provided the bittering and flavoring characteristics to balance beer’s malty sweetness. By using herbs in your own homebrew,

Christmas ● DIY ● Tutorial ● Fancy Chocolate Bowl - can be very small for a dessert or pudding garnish, or large to serve fruit, etc. Festive and yummy!

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand The Coromandel Peninsula lies east of Auckland, on the other side of the Hauraki Gulf

3 Ingredient Crunchy Roasted Potatoes from The Food Charlatan These tender potatoes are done SO fast, because instead of adding a whole bunch of spices to make them delicious, you just dump on some onion soup mix and throw it in the oven.

Por dentro da Casa Cor 2016

All About That Glass - Tudo sobre vidros na arquitetura e decoração!

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Funny Pictures For Today (#73)

15 Funny Pictures For Those Working Retail During The Holidays