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Protection spray bottles
Protect yourself with this divine armour 🧿🛡️
Protect yourself with this divine armour 🧿🛡️ if you’re worried about making them yourself, I can personally make one for you, all ready magically charged and ready to use ✨🥰 LINK IN BIO! #witchyvibes #evileye #spellwork #witchcraft
New beginnings spell candle!
Want to start fresh? Try this New Beginning spell candle. :)
Witchcraft Spell Jar: Protection & Hex Breaking Essentials
Craft your own potent protection and hex breaking spell jar with this simple DIY guide. Shield yourself from negative energies and ward off malevolent forces with carefully selected ingredients and intentions. Learn how to create a powerful barrier of defense to safeguard your space and bring peace to your life. #protectionspell #spelljar #witchcraftforbeginners If you want to learn some more advanced spells, check out my e-book! Credits: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGefQQXyu/
Mystical Candle Ritual: Let the Magic Guide You to Your Answer!
Need clarity? Perform this candle wax divination ritual and find the answer to your burning question. Let the intuitive flow of wax reveal the truth and illuminate the path forward. #CandleWaxDivination #IntuitiveAnswers #SpiritualGuidance
A spell for a new beginning 🌠
Manifest fresh starts and new beginnings with this spellbinding video. 🌠 Watch, learn, and embrace the magic of transformation. #NewBeginnings #MagicSpell #witchcraft If you are dedicated to witchcraft and want to learn some more advanced magic, you can download my E-Book The Secret Book of Gypsy Magic: Spells from My Ancestors Here: https://payhip.com/b/WMKtv
Let's make some 13 ingredient protection oil!
You can use this oil to anoint you candles, wear on your skin, and so much more!
Cut ties with your ex using this spell!
Leave what no longer serves you in the past and bring only those that make you happy into your life✨💜 Cord cutting: Cord Cutting is a ritual that can be done when an energetic tie needs to be severed. The tie that binds us to toxicity, unhealthy habits and people, or even jobs and careers that do not align with our life path can be exhausting energetically and can linger long after they have physically left our daily lives. The anxiety and stress that can come from not letting go can accumulate
Enhance your intuition spell candle!
Enhance intuition with this spell candle! ✨🖤
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