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Multiway top styling by @fashioninflux
How to style a multiway top 🤍✨ •⁠ #fashiontips #fashionhacks #styletips #stylehacks #fashionhelp
the silhouettes of women dancing in different styles and colors - decorative objects objects / objects
African Art | Wall Art Prints - page 3
Fix Twisted Inseams on Your Pants Patterns
Did you know that twisted inseams are a sign of an unbalanced pattern? Another symptom of pattern unbalance is too many draglines. When you have twisted inseams, it may be that your front rise is too high compared to the back rise. You need to pivot your pattern. After making this correction, remember to true the pattern at the waist to see if you need to add to the side seam there. Find this information and more in The Fitting Book. Order your book today through the link.