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I Heart Aran Pullover By Tanis Lavallee - Purchased Knitted Pattern - (ravelry)

I Heart Aran pattern by Tanis Lavallee

For sale on Ravelry: I Heart Aran pattern by Tanis Lavallee. I like the neckline because it won't choke me.

Para mis amigas que les gusta tejer en dos agujas / palillos y crochet hoy comparto este libro co...

This is a link to a Japanese book of 3100 knitting & crochet stitches. You can read them all on Issuu!

definitely wouldn't consider actually paying for this. Simple enough to knit yourself.

Busca un punto fantasía que te guste y hace este bolero…es un simple rectangulo

El tejido es con dos agujas, pero las imágenes dan una buena idea para hacer un bolero con un rectángulo. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. actually this can be done knitting, crochet, material as it is just a rectangle sewn to make sleeves!

Como Tejer Punto Cruzado-Indian Cross Stitch 2 Agujas (63)

Como Tejer Punto Cruzado-Indian Cross Stitch 2 Agujas (63) (TRICO y CROCHET-madona-mía)

Manta de punto de Cable grueso en crema por CampKitschyKnits

Chunky Cable Knit Blanket in Cream Irish Cabled Wool Hand Knitted Blanket - made to order in throw, full queen bed, and king bed sizes


машинное вязание

Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.

Classic Knit Jacket | Purl Soho - Create

Thank You Purl soho for allowing the poorer population to enjoy your amazing step-by-step FREE patterns! So appreciate!

Hand knitted sweater

9 Ways to Stop Living the Lazy-Girl Fashion Life and Get Your Act Together

Top con escote polo

Top con escote polo - chunky beige sleeveless sweater w/ polo collar and cabled panels FREE knitting pattern in Spanish (hva)