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Greek Art | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:  about 470 BC, the Pan Painter, Artemis shooting Actaion as he is torn to death by his own hounds.

Attic Red-figure bell krater (wine mixing bowl) by the Pan Painter showing Artemis (Diana), the virgin goddess of the hunt and the wilderness, shooting the hunter Actaeon who had seen her naked. Early Classical, about 470 BC. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Hellblazer: Papa Midnite - Ronald Wimberly

Papa Midnight, a character who appeared in Vertigo Comics' *John Constantine: Hellblazer,* got his own limited series, which was rich with Southern atmosphere and voodoo.

Original artwork by Ronald Wimberly. Beautiful meld of many different cultural influences in this one.

‘Prince of Cats’ Creator Ronald Wimberly Puts His Own Spin on Static Shock and Ninja Turtles [Art]