This blog is place for re-invention of knitted Estonian lace. We create and show new lace patterns which are inspired by traditions of our beloved Haapsalu shawls

A zigzag edge lace (edge lace stitch motif is combined with the little flower like motif.

New lace - old traditions: 22. Edge lace Silvia

Pattern of the edge lace motives “Silvia” is inspired by the traditional stitch motif “Silvia” which is enriched with great amount of nupps. The edge lace is forming a zigzag edge with changing textures.

Haapsalu sall - вязанная реликвия эстонские шали

Haapsalu sall - вязанная реликвия эстонские шали

Silvia pattern for the Haapsalu Shawl - beautiful stitch from Estonia

The Haapsalu Shawl: Rhapsody in Knitting