shelf for shoes with his hands

This might be the coolest shoe rack ever! Build your own floating shoe rack with…

swinging from a tyre

Nothing screams summer more than a big tire swing! Learn how to make a tire swing with this step by step tutorial!

projects glass houses

Sleek-Homes-Constructed-Entirely-Out-Of-Glass-by carlo santambrogio and ennio arosic 4 . Do not throw stones, build this house in SF or invite guests over who can sing really high notes. No privacy

building a hut in the middle

Tiny A Frame Home - California Unique Tiny Homes - Country Living

disguised house in Greece

Built into the landscape on the Greek island of Antiparos, the Aloni Residence by Deca Architecture was designed to blend into the ground. Much like the B

house tower in Japan

Deconstruction of a multi-floored architecture” by studio velocity — Chiharada, Okazaki-city, Aichi, Japan

клумба-корзина с опорой

клумба-корзина с опорой

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