Albert Koetsier (x-rayographs)

The Chinese consider the ginkgo biloba tree a symbol of longevity, hope, resilience and peace. It is one of the oldest living trees still growing on the planet.

stuff veronica likes: Steven Meyers xray photography of flowers

By photographer, Steven Meyers X ray of an anemone creating a beautiful image. Maybe ill have an xray of a sunflower for a tatt

<p>London-based illustrator is inspired by natural studies and the history of botanical art. Her beloved themes are fauna & flora, which she uses consistently to design wallpapers, book covers and

The Botanical Drawings of Katie Scott

Katie Scott - Inspiration for the illustration component of More Than Stuff. Beautiful scientific style drawings with attention to detail. Would be interesting to explore the idea of using specimen sheets for some spreads within the book.

Watercolour plants (more gorgeous art if you click on link!)

Время артов


Tropical Leaves Watercolor Clipart

Here's a set of high quality hand painted watercolor tropical leaves and elements images in bright and fresh color palette.

Mock Orange / Creator -Contributor: Lunzer, Alois (artist); L. Prang & Co. (publisher) Copyright date: 1885 Genre: Chromolithographs

Title: Mock Orange or Syringa Creator/Contributor: Lunzer, Alois (artist); Prang & Co. (publisher) Copyright date: 1885 Genre: Chromolithographs Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department

White, pure white.

nature / plants / texture / pattern / lines / design / inspiration / chinese lanterns