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three different pictures of the same piece of fabric with flowers on it, and one has two
How to embroider chain stitch flowers - flower embroidery day 2
Flower embroidery day 2: Daisies
the cover of pumhora's latest album, woven chain rose and other crochet projects
How to embroider woven flowers - flower embroidery day 1
Flower embroidery day 1: the round flower
three different types of knitting needles with yarn and thread in the shape of flowers on them
Free Crochet Pattern for Fiona the Flamingo — Megmade with Love
***You can find the PDF version of this pattern in my shop by clicking here. Great for easy printing!*** Welcome to the pattern for the oh-so-lovely Fiona the Flamingo! About a month ago I decided I needed to make a flamingo plushie toy, I envisioned a sassy-looking flamingo named "Fr
the thread is being used to make an ornament
Dresden Whitework Stitch Sampler
Stem stitch: A good outline stitch. Source: Rocksea & Sarah.