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Pick an artist to perform at this year's Grammys!

ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS: Monday, February 2016 @ on CBS. Use the link to see this year's list of nominees and winners. And, congrats to L. Cool J for hosting the show 6 years in a row!

Because their livestreams are never boring. Ever. | 18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

Community Post: 18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

I see London I see France I see cal's underpants

This was the best night of my life - it was the first night I saw live and they bloody wore kilts.

5SOS - DÖVMEK - Wattpad

Thank you fam for being the best fandom EVER, We love our boys in one big piece and we never wanna change them into something their not. thanks i love you all is the best with directioners

Yo cuando veo una foto de Larzaylea

ASHTON-im very happy and peaceful LUKE- *being adorably weird* CALUM- ah yes this is normal behavior for my band

Oh. My. Gosh. Holy. Fuck. I. Just. Died. Please. Send. Help. I'm. Not. Okay.

Michael Clifford ♡ hair burnt in a accident :( comment for support for our love here ❥<< feel better Mickey❤️ but I remember being at this concert and how much it tortured my heart from my love for them.