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the bar is decorated with pink velvet chairs and gold trimmings, along with green marble countertops
Inspiring Interior Colour Palette Combinations
three stools in front of a bar with bottles on the shelves and lights hanging from the ceiling
Staycation at The Goodtime Hotel -
an outdoor bar with straw umbrellas hanging from it's ceiling and benches on the side
Villa Olori | Luxury Canggu Bali Villa
the inside of a restaurant with tables and stools made out of driftwood logs
indoor plants , home decor ideas , decor , decoration , living room decor , living room aesthetic
a blue fish made out of cans on the side of a building with it's tail sticking out
a fish made out of bottle caps sitting on top of a brick wall
an anchor made out of blue bottle caps on a wooden pallet with white rope
We create with metal lids: 20 DIY ideas | My desired home
a fish made out of bottle caps sitting on top of a brick wall
Unbottled Creativity: Cool Crafts Made with Bottle Caps
an old chest turned into a toy bar for the kids to play with in the garden
Wood Cooler by Birds and Soap
a pelican sitting on top of a wooden box covered in plastic bottle caps
How One Man Turned The Simple Bottle Cap Into Works of Art - All About Beer
a crab made out of metal with mustaches on it
Natty Boh Bottle Cap Crab