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Матвеев Михаил
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Hold On To Me. by TheWinterBunny on DeviantArt

Judy Hopps: Oh, my goodness, the tusk really hired you. I gotta tell you, you're even nicer than I thought you'd be. Judy Big: You probably didn't know, but a shrew can call another shrew '.

Hmm... Do you see where Nick's hand is on? I sure do.

Collection of paintings on the theme: Zootopia. The images are taken from a variety of sources, and are not always listed author of the picture.

just look at how Nick looks at JudyX3

The name's Nick Wilde. I work alongside my partner Judy Hopps in Zootopia. __________________________________ This is a fan account involving the Disney movie Zootopia. You can send in requests if you.