Beautiful!!! Driving tracery track.


Can someone read the chart for me? I just need the angled T is purl 2 through back loops so that the stitch leans in that direction

Dress. Free sewing pattern

Would this take the eye away from my large hips/belly or would it draw the eye to them? Site also includes free pattern but easier to use my block rather than spend time fitting this pattern.


шали палантины шарфы


Better Believe It Magenta Shift Dress

Jokes aside, we're ready to wear the cutest number around, which is obviously the Better Believe It Magenta Shift Dress! Sleeveless bodice and short, fluttering hem.

tutorial nuno felt scarf - Google Search

-Handmade nuno felting from pure merino wool and natural cotton ,chiffon,angora yarn,silk