Proyectos para coser /Sewing projects


Slouchy neckline fitted dress pattern Can't understand a word but in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. Think I could make this relatively easily.

ГОЛОВНОЙ УБОР ИЗ КАПЮШОНА. Идея из рубрики «все гениальное просто».

Идеи для шитья

Los coordinados nunca pasan de moda #peque #gorro #bufanda #costura

Instructions on making a true French beret. However my rusty French has gotten an upgrade this past year. Sewing is far easier than Knitting to translate directions.

Sombreros para fiestas con materiales de Néstor P. Carrara SRL. Contacto l…


Five DIY hats to make in fun, fresh pastel colors. These diamond mini top hats are super cute – perfect for dressing up any outfit!

Снятие мерок для вязания шапки | Шапомания и я

Вязаные шапочки, шарфы и снуды

Шляпа-панамка - Выкройки детской одежды - Страна Мам

Translation from the original Russian: "Hat-panama - Patterns of children's clothing - Country Mom. Well, it's a pretty hat design for us grownups, too.