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project tree house

All images: Antony Gibbon Treehouses are one of the key tenets of the internet (or at least, the archi-web).

the restaurant is on the tree

See the forest for the trees *New Zealand's Whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Towers Above The Redwood Forest*

building water tower in England

Architecture Design, Buy Home Yellow Flower Exterior Blue Sky And Idea: Buy Home Inspiration : Lymm Water Tower by Ellis Williams Architects.

disguised garage in Florida

Aircraft hangar on the shore of Lake Harney in Florida was converted into a residential house with hidden garage door.

invisible Shelf of books

This easy diy project can solve all of your problems, plus, it’s unique and kind of artsy. Great for a college dorm room.

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Learn How to Create a Raised Garden Bed Cover. I KNEW I saved that stupid hose for something!