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a pencil drawing of some flowers hanging from a tree branch with the leaves still attached
Student gallery, testimonials from former student gallery
Desestrésate dibujando
Livre-se do estresse desenhando
an image of horses running through the air with their tails spread out in front of them
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
A Wolf Becoming More Sinister
some sketches of cats that are laying down
Cat Dump by QuietLittleLeaf on DeviantArt
Cat Dump by jessyr.deviantart.com on @deviantART
a drawing of a couple holding an umbrella in front of their eye with water dripping from the iris
See the love inside me
a drawing of a girl with curly hair wearing a hoodie and holding a pencil in her hand
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a pencil drawing of a woman's torso with her arms behind her head and hands on her hips
Nadzeya Karatkevich
Valójában mind egyformák vagyunk ! A bőrünk alatt ugyan azok a szövetek csontok és idegek vannak . Így nincs jogunk bárkit elítélni aki nem olyan mint mi ,hisz a külső eltérhet színben és méretben ! De belül egyforma a vér a csont és a szív ! Neki is ugyan úgy fáj a megvetés vagy a sértés ! Ezért ne ítélj elsőre a külső alapján ! Ismerd meg a belsőt ! Az lehet gyönyörűbb mint bármely fotómodell !
a drawing of a person bending over
Bridget Murphy. MGV
a drawing of a man's face with his hair pulled back and eyes closed
it feels like fo-freaking-ever since i’ve sketched anything like this and it feels so weird D:i feel like i’ve forgotten what it feels like to draw for fun, need to come back to that as soon as possible. So here’s older Ben Wilson for you and me cause i hella missed him :3