Шашкова Елена

Шашкова Елена

Шашкова Елена
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Beautiful braid up the back or your hair that goes into a ponytail.

Eye makeup tutorial Hairdo that's great for day to night. Upside down Braid to ponytail Braid.

5 Minute Beach Waves.

This beach wave tutorial leaves perfectly undone summer waves with just enough volume. This technique also creates volume in limp, straight hair. You can also use this method to smooth unruly natural waves. I tried this and it works great!

How To Make This Date Night Curl Hairstyle | Adorable Hairstyles

26 lazy girl hairstyle hacks ~ For quick curls, put your hair in a ponytail first and divide and conquer. I hate wearing the same messy bun or boring pony tail to work everyday. Totally gonna start doing this!