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a bathroom with two sinks, mirrors and plants on the counter top next to each other
Gallery of La Hermosa de Alba Restaurant / Zooco Estudio - 8
a bathroom with three sinks and two mirrors on the wall next to eachother
Gallery of HIGHCOMMERCE Office / DPLUS Vietnam - 16
a bathroom with three sinks and mirrors on the wall
Gallery of Petrol Ofisi Headquarters / Lagranja Design - 6
a public restroom with three sinks and urinals on the wall in front of mirrors
Align Technology Offices - Moscow | Office Snapshots
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Cam-Saş Offices - Antalya | Office Snapshots
Cam-Saş Offices - Antalya
an empty hallway with yellow walls and black doors, leading to the restroom area on one side
a public restroom with urinals and sinks
Jingyuan Information Technology Offices - Beijing | Office Snapshots
a bathroom with blue, white and grey tiles on the walls next to a toilet
FC Capital Offices - Moscow | Office Snapshots
FC Capital Offices – Moscow
a row of urinals in a bathroom with red walls and white flooring
Eegoo Offices / dEEP Architects
a long row of sinks in a bathroom with blue walls and mirrors on the wall
The Airblade Tap, from Dyson | IndesignLive
The Airblade Tap, from Dyson | Architecture & Design
a bathroom with blue, red and white walls
Toilet Cubicles | Lan Services Toilet Cubicle Refurbishment
Stature Full Height Toilet Cubicles - Lan Services
a bathroom with black and white tiles on the walls, flooring and benches
Tile graphics for Vicente Cañada Blanch school