Russian pretty little girl in traditional Russian scarf. Winter style for kids.

Elite white Russian Pavlovo Posad Wool oversized by russianicon

ELITE russian shawl laine with silk hand maded fringe genuine Pavlov Posad

Multicolor shawl of compacted woolen fabric with silk fringe "June morning", 148 * 148 cm Artist: Sukharevskaya Tatyana .                     These elite products - the card of our company. Products distinguished by thick pure wool twill fabric. Multicolored figures, the number of colors - 16 to 23. Print each paint after prior drying allows to obtain a clear print. Long fringe rayon knitted by hand, forming several rows of cells.

Shawl "June morning" - Multicolor shawl (wool with silk fringe) "June morning"no.

Княжеский салат

Shawl of compacted woolen fabric with silk fringe "Princely", 148 * 148 cm Artist: Elena Nemeshaeva

Princely  "Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory".

Princely "Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory".