Артём Шаповалов

Артём Шаповалов

Артём Шаповалов
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Cleveland Cavaliers '2015 All In' Illustration

Artist Hyperthree Ye from China pays homage to the Cleveland Cavaliers core of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and crew with this gnarly illustration.

Posterized: An Australian Artists Tribute to Legendary Ballers

Karl Yvan Tagle, who just so happens to be a professional artist and a fan of basketball. He let us know about an art exhibit he ran in Australia called 'Posterized: A Tribute to the Baller Legends'.

Jeremy Lin 'Go Through Fire and Water' Art

Using Psalm 66 from the bible as his inspiration. Roger Space created this motivational Jeremy Lin illustration.

Deadpool x Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Illustration

Thanks to his accelerated healing factor, everyone's favorite antihero Deadpool has the ability to survive nearly anything.

Slam Dunk Contest Winning Dunks Illustrated

To celebrate NBA All Star Weekend 2014 creative agency Havas Worldwide Warsaw and artist Michal Dziekan recreated legendary Slam Dunk Contest winning dunks.