Another open work shoe The shoe shown here on the left has openwork designs cut into the leather dates from the early 13th century. Selection of decorated leather shoes: 13th-14th century

Decorative Leather Shoes - Museum of London - Left: Cutwork Top: Poulaine Fashionable in London Last: Leaf pattern, engraved and scraped, late

Thread and Thrift: collograph shoes by MandyPattullo

A collograph print is made from a sheet of card on to which you have glued textures and made marks. It allows you to work in an abstract painterly way but also to construct quite detailed "drawn" prints from just basically cutting and sticking

Antique sashiko tabi. These are hand-stitched in indigo dyed cotton yarn.

A pair of exceptionally fancy, yet rustic, tabi or the traditional split-toe “socks” of Japan. These white cotton tabi are hand sashiko-stitched in indigo dyed cotton yarn. -lgiNs9ur6bk T0NwtVGl4RI AAAAAAAAFaA cc2loxTz_xg s1600 via+zsa+zsa+bellagio361.jpg

Love these sweet baby shoes.I can see some sweet little thing wearing them.