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Here is Benedict kissing.

perlockholmes: earthtojane: cumberneck: hiddlessitslikeaslut: Here is Benedict kissing. You know, for reasons. I think this is my favourite Ben kiss! Maybe it’s the vest… Claire Foy is one lucky lady. I AM SO TURNED ON RIGHT NOW I NEED A COLD SHOWER

Ahahahahaha a little trap

benedictsolo: “ sherlock-has-got-the-blue-box: “ cumberbuddy: “ mybedismade-mysweaterison: “ Aww Benedict… ” It’s like a little trap, ‘here take my arHA GOT YOUUUU KISSY HUG HUG’ :D ” I really want to.

27 voices by Benedict Cumberbatch... so talented

Vitelli Vitelli Vitelli Lloyd I lost control of my breathing. 27 voices by Benedict Cumberbatch. HE IS BEYOND BRILLIANT. Not to mention, his French accent.