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pasqualealejo: “Finished. Oil on Canvas, 110x145cm”

pasqualealejo: “Finished. Oil on Canvas, 110x145cm”


This textile is split stitched silk on plain weave, made in the century in either Iran, Afghanistan or China. Detail of the boar's head roundel- The textile is by The textile has boa.

Man's Morning Gown | Cleveland Museum of Art

Man’s Morning Gown (Banyan) Date: century Culture: India, for the French market Medium: Cotton (printed and painted resist and mordant, dyed) with applied gold leaf, silk lining. height width Cleveland museum of Art | boatine028 | boatine028

Lightweight robe

For bachelorette presents, I'm not thrilled about giving the traditional raunchy gifts. Don't misunderstand, it's not from any overt modesty on my part. It's more that I want to give a truly heartfelt present to…