Любовь Моисеева

Любовь Моисеева

Любовь Моисеева
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Today, let’s learn some things about the devoted #Egyptian_Mau cats! http://www.sweetiekitty.com/cat-breed/egyptian-mau/  #cat #kitty #catlife

The Egyptian Mau has the distinction of being the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat. Click through to see adorable photos and to learn more about this majestic cat breed.

kimin yolunu gözlüyorlar acaba?

Black and white photography ideas and inspiration. I love this photo of Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return. I love the subject as well as the composition of this image. I am a crazy cat lady after all.

Love black cats, they are good luck in some cultures.

Look at this gorgeous black cat! A tribute to the beautiful black cats who once owned us. Jake, Tom and Tess