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Fly App

Travel App UX - How to choose a flight faster and more visually? What if we allow a user to catch the eye of interesting flights without a detailed study of the list of all the flights.


Recently worked on this web app layout, which gives the user to self report activities or view what teammates are working or worked on according to selected timeline. Check out realpixels view.

Feedbox - Web App Dashboard by André Oliveira for Pixelmatters

Pretty clean and calm user interface, just not sure about the different margins

Fitness data dashboard by Basis

Houses Monthl Photo Basis (web dashboard) by Paul Miller, Tomi Lahdesmaki, Robert Murdock and Marc S. 119314709103866 in User Interface

Making The User Trust Your UI

View all notes for each schedule and every notes can be attached text, images, links, and files. Imagine, a sticky note that has many functions. Note: Animation in the shot is just for the initial.