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Someone's trash by on @DeviantArt

is someone's treasure art (c) ~Faezza character (c) SEGA idea (c) ~Memokkeen Someone's trash

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good-sonic-shit: “ I don’t like you by AgentSkull ”

lol sonic and shadow getting fed-up with each other. lol reminds me that one time in sonic 06 when sonic said "don't be late" then shadow replied in the most bad-ass way 

OK, OK I giggled... a lot

Well then. I feel like this is from one of the many sonadow fan fictions where shadow gets sonic preggers.

Lol, I dun even know by on @DeviantArt

((Shadow,Amy-SEGA, Art- & )) ((She did the sketch, I did the line and colors I was asosoasoso lazy