Трикотажные швы, подборка.

Вязание: Технология и Узоры

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It is a famous old lace stitch that isn’t quite as difficult as it looks, but certainly makes you look like an expert knitter. The chart for this is SO easy!

A picture and two good charts for the beautiful Dayflower Lace Stitch and, as TsockTsarina says, “Except for the single WS decreases in rows Nr 5 and Nr this is actually just a pattern that reverses and repeats”.

Узоров много не бывает... Много ажурных узоров спицами


Узоров много не бывает... Много ажурных узоров спицами

439 hojas modelo | Catálogo de tejer patrones

Спицы - Узоры - Листики


шапки, косынки, шарфы

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Liesel Lace Leaf Scarf - free pattern

Liesel Lace Leaf Scarf ~ Liesel Lace Leaf Scarf Pattern: Liesel Pattern Source: A free pattern from Yummy Yarn Yarn: Reynolds Rapture 3 skeins Needles: Denise needles