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Mercedes-Benz Axor Truck Concept Design Sketch

The Mercedes-Benz Axor Truck Concept is a design study of an long distance truck aimed at combining aerodynamic efficiency with an attractive look. The author is Carlos Brito from IED São Paulo.

2015 Freightliner 'Inspiration Truck'

Daimler Trucks has became the world's first manufacturer to be granted a road license for an autonomous heavy-duty truck. The first journey in the so-called Freightliner 'Inspiration Truck', which took place on U.

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Sharky by *Silverfox5213 on deviantART

Fear me for I am the terror of the deep, I know no sympathy, no mercy for anything that lives. super bad dude, don't mess with him, he's got legs and feet and can walk right up on the beach and drag your ass into the deep.