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Paper Clay:  • 1 roll of toilet paper  • 3/4 cup of PVA  • 1 cup of joint filler  • 1/2 cup white flour  1. Soak Toilet Paper. 2. Drain and squeeze out all water. 3. Break up into 1" chunks. 4. Add all ingredients and mix with beater until pulp. Mix for minimum of 3 minutes. 5. Seal in airtight container and use within approx. 5 days.

How to make Paper Clay- For Your Paper Mache Projects - 2 Cups toilet paper, 1 Cup regular joint compound, Cups paper mache paste or Elmers glue, Cups flour. = Soak Toilet Paper in Water then Add all Ingredients to a Mixer, Mix for mins and th

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Polymer Clay Seed Pods -- I don't know that I'd ever work in these colors. But the shape and texture of the pods is fascinating.