Sergey Zvonov

Sergey Zvonov

Russia, Moscow region, Golitsino  ·  Country, Russian Federation. 18 years old. I speak Russian, German and English. Love different art works.
Sergey Zvonov
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Until I Say by ~secretscience on deviantART

Until I Say by Ryan-Alexander-Lee. This is the image that began the inspiration for my newest short story. My idea: "Woman falls in love with a thing she is sent to kill." Begun: March First draft completed: March


m Dwarf Ranger crossbow cloak grapple hook Race Inspiration: Dwarves are stout, strong little people that live among their Human brothers and sisters. They are more withdrawn in their personality than Humans but they are incredibly talented in smithing.

The General

Whoever is highly skilled is always highly valued. -from the ancient Irish law book, "Uraicecht Becc".