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End of the Great Wall

Where the Great Wall of China Ends! (The part of the wall inside Shanhai Pass that meets the sea is named the " Old Dragon Head" and it's considered the traditional end of the Great Wall and the "First Pass Under Heaven.

Enthusiast Jeff Schultz captures a stunning image of a Mexican Fire Opal that, depending on how you visually interpret it, looks like a beautiful sunset in the clouds or a fiery explosion with billowing smoke. Visit Amazing Geologist for more.

TIL: The crust of the far side of the moon is twice the thickness of the side facing earth. The scorching young earth radiated enough heat to keep the near side - tidally locked even then - molten longer

" // Pin Up posters by Valery Barykin is well-known in Russia. His works were exhibited in all major Russian cities alongside with the expo "Art versus Geography. The Cultural Alliance".

Valery Barykin — worx - Awesome illustration from Russian illustrator Valery Barykin juxtapose modern editorial and soviet posters styles at once.

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Capital Gate is an iconic leaning skyscraper located in Abu Dhabi adjacent to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. At 160 meter ft) and 35 stories, it is one of the tallest buildings in