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a tall waterfall towering over a forest filled with lots of green trees in front of a pavilion
Nachi Falls, the tallest waterfall in Japan. The structure guarding the Shinto temples at the base of the falls is called a torii. Considered a barrier against evil spirits, it marks the boundary between the mundane and the sacred, a little gate to heaven. - Awesome
the steps lead up to an ancient shrine in the woods
異世界すぎる!「上色見熊野座神社」で、神秘の世界にトリップしてきた│観光・旅行ガイド - ぐるたび
steps lead up to an entrance in the woods
Today in Tokyo: Photo
a green roof with a small bell on it's side and a tree in the background
Life's Best.
an ornate metal vase on top of a pedestal
Bonhams : Asian Decorative Arts
an old chinese pagoda with statues on it
Many-Jeweled Stupa Reliquary (Tahōtō shari yōki) | Cleveland Museum of Art