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Anime picture another p. works misaki mei aoi ogata single short hair looking at viewer highres black hair red eyes fringe simple background absurdres signed grey background upper body lipstick reflection pink lipstick expressionless 513618 en

Ive had the idea for this little guy for a while. One of my first models that Ive taken through the entire process of retopoling Im not happy with the textures, I may have to revisit them later

This VideoArt, work Audio visual, or DemoReel titled ARTISTIC CONCEPTION, is the result of an own and original idea.

This was the first time I recreated some sort of texture like guipure. Drawing may seems uncompleted, but I decided there is no need to detail drawers any further, anatomy has not much to deal with.

Widowmaker, Overwatch, Circle Art, Digital Paintings, Digital Art, Fan Art, Fanart, Digital Illustration

Klaudia Kędra - "hi everyone! i made this concept portrait for a character named suzan.

ArtStation - Not completed, denis ulianov