NYC7185.jpg (989×704)

New York City, View of Times Square and Broadway at rush hour, 1983

604775_1000.jpg (944×635)

k-a-t-i-e-: “The Midtown Manhattan skyline seen from a Queens cemetery New York City, 1983 Thomas Hoepker ”

NYC4820.jpg (493×704)

NYC4820.jpg (493×704)

PAR130044.jpg (472×703)

PAR130044.jpg (472×703)

PAR130021.jpg (1010×704)

New York City. The Midtown Manhattan skyline with the Citicorp building at sunset.

PAR130017.jpg (1046×704)

New York City. (A Year I was born) View of the Queensborough Bridge on a rainy day

PAR130025.jpg (1059×704)

Eventually this turned into the denim store my girlfriend and I worked at.

NYC7172.jpg (1055×704)

NYC7172.jpg (1055×704)

NYC7183.jpg (1063×704)

New York City. Children cool off with open fire hydrants on a hot July weekend in Harlem.

NYC7164.jpg (1062×704)

vintage everyday: 44 Amazing Photographs That Captured Daily Life of New York City in 1983

NYC7188.jpg (1065×704)

New York City. A view of the Downtown Manhattan skyline seen from Queens. Brooklyn Bridge and World Trade Center Towers.

NYC133900.jpg (995×704)

Burned apartment buildings in the South Bronx, New York, - photo by Thomas Hoepker / Magnum Photos

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New York City. A girl sunbathes on a Midtown Manhattan. Thomas Hoepker 1983 via magnum photos

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Check out a few images from Magnum Photos member, Thomas Hoepker which he shot throughout 1983 in and around New York.

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new york city. garbage on a midtown manhattan roof.