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a red and white cross stitched button on a blue surface with the letter d in it
Значок с сердцем
an advertisement for pixelpix's new video game, light and brix
Kirby Pixel Art Poster - Pix Brix
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a woman's face in the center
схема вышивки крестом аниме глаз
a hand holding a black and white beaded smiley face brooch with scissors in the background
Брошь-пин "Susuwatari" по аниме "Spirited Away"
Брошь-пин, вышитая крестиком на пластиковой канве. Персонаж Сусуватари\Дух сажи из аниме Унесенные призраками. Можно заказать по ссылке
a close up of a cross stitch pattern on a blanket with a square shaped object in the middle
a cross - stitch heart is shown in red and white
Пиксельная конфета
a qr code with a skull on it's face and the word,
a cross stitched in to the shape of a human torso, with an arrow pointing up
an image of a cartoon character painted on the side of a black wall with butterflies