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the unicorn keyword is shown with four overlapping venns in each quadrant, and two
Unicorn Keyword
You don’t want to target keywords that no one is searching for. So how does one go about keyword research? It is important to understand the qualities that we use to define a keyword’s value. 🔑 Search volume 🔑 Competitiveness 🔑 Relevancy 🔑 Authority
the info sheet for how to use gate or not to gate?, which one should you
Gated content
Here are some good points about what gated content can do: ➡️ You'll find the right leads, but you'll achieve a lower reach. ➡️ You can segment and target your audience more easily, but you'll also capture false information. ➡️ It's a great way to grow a mailing list, but you'll put some people off. ➡️ You can push your audience in the right direction, but you also need to make sure to deliver.
the formula for high - performing articles is shown in this screenshoter's guide
The Formula for High-Performing Articles
Is there a secret formula in order for an article to perform well? 👨‍🔬 We might have found it. By analyzing the visits, backlinks, and Facebook shares of 500K high-performing blogs, we tried to answer this question: What do they all have in common? 🧐
the different types of logos are shown in this graphic
🎯 Setting goals is one of the first steps in creating a content strategy. You're probably familiar with SMART goals, but the problem is that they are not very adjustable. New types of businesses require new ways of goalsetting: CLEAR goals
how to become a better writer info sheet from the book writing tips for beginners
How to become a better writer
If you're looking to becoming a better writer, these are our favorite tips!
the 7 advanced image optimizing tips beyond art text infographic poster by semrush
7 Advanced Image Optimization Tips
Okay, you know that optimizing images is good for your SEO. How would you do that? First, add alt tags. Second...Is there anything else you can do? 👀Yes! We've gathered 7 advanced image optimization tips to increase traffic!
the t - shaped marketer diagram
The T-shaped Marketer
Are you ready to become a T-shaped marketer? 💡 👉 When you become a T-shaped marketer, you understand the basics of many channels and can look at your main expertise channel (in this case, social media) like a gear that should mesh together with other channels. 👉 As a T-shaped marketer you also know there are always more areas to learn about and you're willing to dig deeper vertically into the other areas.
the spanish version of elabc del marketing digital is shown in this screenshot
the ABC of digital marketing
Whether you're just starting out your digital marketing career or you've been in the game for a while, there are certain words and phrases that will come in handy. Time to check your vocabulary with the ABCs of Digital Marketing!
an info poster with many different types of boats in the water and on top of each other
Display Advertising Stats 2019
SEMrush has conducted the first display advertising study for #ecommerce businesses on the market 📊 We have uncovered insights you need, so keep reading for more! #GDN #PPC #DisplayAdvertising #Marketing #MarketingStats #MarketingStudy
a poster with the words, 40 ppc tools for any task and an image of a
40 tools for any PPC task
🛠️Learn more about how you can use each of these tools to improve your #PPC performance! #PPCtools #marketing #MarketingTools #PaidSearch #SEO
an info sheet with different types of cars
Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
Interested in establishing your brand as an influencer on Pinterest? Or want to better understand the Pinterest influencers you’d like to work with? We’ve got some valuable data and insights for you.
an orange and yellow poster with many different types of boats in it's stages
Online Advertising: All You Need to Know (2024 Updated)
We've analyzed information on over 2 billion impressions of 2000 major Google Display Network advertisers. As a result, we identified several interesting trends and patterns that will help advertising specialists make more data-driven decisions in their upcoming GDN campaigns.
the different types of boats are shown in this image
Infographics: Google Ranking Factors by Backlinko
#Infographics: #Google Ranking Factors by @Backlinko